• International School of Laos accepts all students regardless of their ethnic, cultural, gender, color, and religious background.
  • International School of Laos have open admission, parents can apply anytime.
  • The following are the required documents that the applicant has to submit for admission:
    • Admission form
    • Photo (2 copies-passport sizes)
    • Government photo Id, or Passport (for foreign nationals)
    • Birth certificate
    • Shot records (if Applicable)
    • Latest report card from the last school
    • Certificate of Student Status


International School of Laos campuses formed an admission committee. An admission committee consists of the principal, vice-principal, secretary who is responsible for admission. The campuses who have not employed a vice-principal can admit a senior teacher to the committee.

  • An admission application review takes place after all the required documents submitted.
  • Students who can qualify academically the program will be accepted if there are vacancies in the applied grade level.
  • Admission of a student to a grade level bases on the age of the student not proficiency in any subject.
  • When the parent submits the documents, based on applied grade-level, student takes a basic entrance exam. From Grade 1 to Grade 3 students will only be interviewed orally by an Admission Committee member. For Grade 4 to Grade 12 students, they will take a written English exam with an oral interview.
  • The purpose of the written and oral exam is to get to know the student and understand his/her level of English proficiency. Students with no or very low proficiency may be referred to supplementary English programs such as summer school, weekend courses, or evening courses before admission.
  • Students who demonstrate Basic English proficiency may be accepted after reviewing the admission file to the appropriate grade level determined by age.
  • Nursery to Kg 3 applicants will not be examined; upon submitting required documents a candidate can be accepted.
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