Admission Policy

a. Enrolment
Enrolment contracts are valid for one academic year. These are terminated without notice at the end of the academic year.

b. For New Students
Applicants must submit the following documents to the Office:
• Applicant’s Birth Certificate or copy of ID card
• Previous School Records
• Accomplished Admission Form

c. Application Process
The following procedures are observed during the application process:

• Interview with the applicant conducted by the Administration.
• After a decision has been made based on the interview, the applicant will sit for an entrance examination, which includes “English, Math and Lao Tests”.
• A follow-up meeting will be arranged with the parents, and feedback will be given. The Student will be placed in the appropriate grade level upon decision.
• At the end of the evaluation of the test results and interview, the applicant will be directed to the Accounting Office for payment.

d. Withdrawal
If parents decide to terminate enrollment, an email or formal letter must be submitted to the designated Vice Principal within two (2) weeks for further notice.

e. Skipping/Repeating a Grade
• Students can skip a year after passing the admission tests. This applies only to the Cambridge Curriculum.
• Students who failed 3 or more subjects after the make-up exams have to repeat the grade.