Our Laboratory

Learning modern labs which are continually upgraded.

The theory is incomplete without practical.

One needs to completely get involved in the various practical experiments whether it is ICT, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, or Science, to get a thorough knowledge and understanding of what had been taught in the theory class.

Labs are neatly arranged with a view to a fresh approach. When a student walks in, the Lab assistant and the teacher both assist him/her in understanding and undertaking experiments.

International School of Laos aims to ensure that every student strengthens his/her knowledge of theory with lively practicals which will be remembered forever by doing the most effective way of learning. The school provides the most.

Besides International School of Laos aims primarily at guiding students towards a clear understanding of Information Technology, developing and refining the skills of digital literacy essential in the contemporary work environment, and instilling an enthusiasm for computing, programming, and networking in both theory and practice.

A significant aim is that every student acquires, develops, and refines IT skills to the extent that exercise of such skills becomes instinctual. Thus, the student’s attention becomes sharply focused on the learning objectives, rather than on the means necessary to achieve them.

We currently have one computer lab to cater to the needs of the ever-growing sophistication in Information Technology. All the computers are networked with internet access and are fully protected and monitored for safety and security.

In addition, every year science and ICT departments prepare and organize experiment weeks, competitions and Science fairs to improve and involve our students’ skills.


A Quick Look Into Our Facility