Sending out our deepest gratitude for your support last March 26 and 27, 2021, for the ISL Drama Club musical performance of “Once On This Island”. We were honoured to have positive support from our Sponsors, students, parents, staff, ISL Alumni and everyone who were instrumental in making this event possible. We were all so excited to see the turn out on the opening night, and we are proud to inform you that the show has managed to fill the seats for two nights, which is beyond what we were hoping for. Thank you very much to all those involved and who have worked incredibly hard over the past months during the lengthy preparations and rehearsals, striving to make this show the best it could be. We have seen our hopes and dreams come to life on stage and be such a success.

From us all at the International School of Laos and ISL Drama Club actors, we are proud to have presented you with a meaningful show, Khob chai laiy laiyy. Please enjoy the Once On This Island Musical recap video.