Dear Prospective Students and Parents,

Making the right choice of a school can be daunting; There are hundreds of schools catering to different educational aims and objectives. The academic content of your school will be of prime importance: you will be looking for a school that is intellectually challenging and promising, one that caters for your academic and social interests, and one that is sufficiently flexible to allow you to branch out into new and contemporary fields of education, science, technology, wisdom, and possibly specialize in fields you may well have not encountered at the time of application.

Our focus at the International School of Laos is our students. We endeavour to provide a balanced education that encompasses ‘academic excellence’ on the one hand, and moral and ethical values on the other.
Our balanced education is achieved by our staff, who not only are dedicated to our students’ academic excellence but also present themselves as role models to the children.

We are a growing family. With the excellence in education motto in mind, we extended our quality education with a new campus to Pakse in Southern Laos; with moving the existing Watnak branch to a larger campus at Thongkang Village in Sissatanak District; and lastly with an English Center to people of all ages who have a passion to learn English.

We are not just increasing our quantity, also working hard to increase our quality. International School of Laos was accredited by Cambridge International Examinations in the spring of 2017 and implemented Primary and Secondary Checkpoint along with the IGCSE program since the 2017-2018 academic year.
Finally, we believe education is a lifelong and ongoing process. We encourage students to understand this premise so that they will be well prepared to meet future challenges. We hope that the information presented on this website will provide you with an appealing and intriguing first-hand look at the International School of Laos, and we will be glad to see you amongst the members of the privileged International School of Laos community.

Warm Regards,
Mr Ulvi Shirinov
International School of Laos