Athletics helps students to develop or gain valuable life skills that will benefit them throughout their life alongside helping them to be healthy and physically active. Acquisition of These skills are more beneficial than the games themselves, and their impact can be powerful and long lasting. Some of these skills include:

* Effort – Give your best no matter what and you cannot question yourself in the end.

* Hard work -Preparation is the key to success. If you work hard to prepare, mistakes are less likely to occur.

* Self-discipline – Stay on task to get the job done no matter what distractions there may be.

* Teamwork – Working with others is an essential part of being successful. Doing your own thing can be detrimental and lead to many problems.

* Time management – You must be well-balanced and adept at handling all aspects of your life so that you are not overwhelmed and stressed out.

Our students at all levels can join extra team sports , volleyball-football-basketball, throughout the year on top of their regular physical education classes. Our school is a member of VSSA and our boys and girls teams join the tournaments on regular basis.



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