International School of Laos Culture Day is a yearly event to promote cultural diversity by showcasing different cultural expressions. This event brings together diverse arts, delicacies, and cultural activities of the selected country(ies). Celebrating differences, as well as common interests, helping the community unite and understand different perspectives within the world in which we live.

The ISL Culture Day aims to foster appreciation and support of the artistic and cultural life lived, created and expressed by various ethnicities. This event highlights not only the richness of cultures but also the essential role of intercultural exchange in achieving awareness and sustainable development.

In the past years, our Culture Day celebrated cultures of more than 20 countries, including the ethnicities of our students, faculty and staff.

It is our mission to promote peace, love, and cultural encounters here in Laos. Culture Day is an annual tradition that everyone looks forward to. It is an opportunity for the community to celebrate the diversity that exists within us.