Streetball Tournament is one of the most anticipated sports events for most students. Each year the tournament has been limited to 70 teams from different schools in Laos. But, in the most recent season of Streetball, as the event came back from a 2-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the 6th Streetball Tournament saw a total of 90 teams and made the competition a huge success.

We have been integrating sports into the school life of our students for many years now, and we also aim to promote sports amongst the maximum number of students in different schools as we believe that sports and related activities help boost confidence, strengthen companionship and foster teamwork amongst the youth of today.

Each year we organise this tournament not only to test students’ talent but also, to boost their morale and passion. Basketball courts were limited when we started this tournament. But now, we have seen many in other schools. Consequently, students are now keener on learning and participating.